On the ground

        Sheltered  bike  parking  is  ever  in use;  it  is  for  baby  carriage  too.

 Table tennis  is rather popular as well.


               But   barbecue ground  is  most  attractive

               for  the YELLOW CACHALOT  inhabitants.  Here

               we   have   summer   pavilion,   two   tables  with

               benches and grill stove, of course.

     Sometimes  people  make  up  there  party  here. 



     Kid's  playground  is  not  great   yet,  

     however  to mount   a swing  is  a near-term  plan.




                                                 There  is   a  lot  of   flowers

                                                  on  the  lawn  and you  should

                                                  not  "keep off  the  grass".