High wall fences around the territory.


          Automated  gates  with  radio  control  is  to  get  to      

the  territory of  YELLOW  CACHALOT  by  car.

         Wicket-gate  with  locks - for  pedestrians.




The territory  of  YELLOW  CACHALOT   is  always  under  supervision  of

hause-manager,  who  lives in  the  house;

yard-cleaner,  who  is  constantly  on  the  territory

inhabitants  who  usually  know  each  other.

   Unauthorized  penetration  to  the  territory  is  impossible.


 There  is  street  lighting  on  the  territory  of  YELLOW   CACHALOT  at  night,    


          as  well  as  on  the  streets  adjoining.